Medical certificate of health

In Spain, both a dive insurance that covers hyperbaric treatment and a dive medical are compulsory by law and have been since 1997. As such, a self-declaration medical form is not sufficient. This rule applies to any certified diver wishing to dive, or any person wishing to enrol in a course that leads to a certification. The only exceptions to this rule are for ‘Bubblemaker’ and ‘Discover Scuba’ dives, if the participant can answer all the questions on the medical form with a ‘no’.

Where to get your dive medical?

The best and quickest way to obtain your dive medical is to print out this form. Fill it out yourself and take it to your GP. As long as you can answer all the questions with a ‘no’, your GP should be able to endorse the form for you. Should you have a medical history and have to answer some questions with a ‘yes’, you are better off going to see a doctor anyway.

Perhaps a phone call to your local practice will give you more detailed information. This particular issue is not regulated in the UK and each doctor may give you different options.

The above form is only one option. Any form will do, as long as it is endorsed by a qualified doctor to do so.

How do I get my dive medical in Menorca?

Should you wish to have your dive medical done in Menorca, we are happy to arrange a visit for you. Our local doctor does speak English, so communication is not a problem. The examination will take approximately 30 mins.

In Spain, the dive medical is valid for 2 years, unless otherwise stated on the certificate itself. Bring the original with you (we will make a copy for our records).